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Overloop is a Sales Engagement Platform.

Crush your sales quota with ultra-personalized outbound campaigns mixing Cold Emails, LinkedIn Automation, and Cold Calls.

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Sales engagement & cold emailing made for small and medium businesses. Send personalized cold emails campaigns, automatically outrech prospects on LinkedIn, handle your entire sales pipeline and track sales performances to close more deals.

A Powerful Platform powered by great People…

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Top rated support: 95% Customer Satisfaction

When choosing Overloop you also get access to our team of Outbound Specialists that will help you get started with outbound.

You’re in good company

We’re proud and grateful to help thousands of sales people working in great companies all around the world.

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Start more conversations, close more deals

Run multi-channel outbound campaigns, start more conversations and close more deals.

  • Build your lists

    Build and enrich prospects lists from LinkedIn in a single click!

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  • Engage with prospects

    Send personalized multi-channel outbound campaigns, at scale.

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  • Increase productivity

    Manage all your sales activities, from prospecting to closing, in a single app!

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  • Analyze & improve

    Track everything to improve the performance of your entire sales team.

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See your revenue grow while we do the rest…

  • Increase response rate by 3x
  • Engage your prospects and close up to 30% more deals
  • Close those deals faster and track them end-to-end
  • Nurture your leads and create new ones at the same time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to chat with us if you still have questions about Overloop.

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What is Overloop used for?

Overloop is a sales engagement platform that helps you start outbound campaigns for your business.

As an all-in-one outreach solution, Overloop allows you to:

  • Find valid email addresses from any LinkedIn profile using a Google Chrome extension.

  • Create and run ultra-personalized multichannel campaigns, mixing cold emails, LinkedIn messages, and cold calling, resulting in more conversations with potential prospects and more business.

  • Personalize automatic emails and automatic LinkedIn messages using templates and dynamic variables, making your messages look very personal at scale.

Overloop was founded in 2016; in the last 8 years, we have created one of the most reliable platforms for outbound and cold emailing. We have helped more than 5,000 companies to drive new business using outbound.

Can I get a demo of Overloop?

We don't offer live demos at the moment but if you are interested to discover our product before signing up we recorded a full video:

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I want to test Overloop, do you offer a free trial?

No we don’t. But we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within the first 30 days, simply contact us to ask for a full refund.

Keep in mind that it is totally risk-free for you. Our goal is to bring the maximum value right after your signup. And that's why we chose this money-back guarantee system. We can spend all the time needed with every new customer.

After your signup, you'll be able to book a call with one of our outbound experts. Their job will be to help your company get results with outbound. They will help you create your first campaigns, advise you on building your prospects lists, show you how to use LinkedIn in your campaigns, etc.

All this is included for free right after your signup.

Can I get help with my technical setup?

Yes, of course! And that’s another advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee vs. the traditional free trial model. It allows us to invest the necessary time and effort in ensuring your outbound journey begins on the strongest footing.

Setting up an outbound platform can be tricky: handling email deliverability, domain reputation, legal compliance, etc. Our experts will take all the time needed to set up everything with you. And all this is included in all our plans.