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Effortlessly discover email addresses from LinkedIn profiles

Vincenzo Ruggiero author on Overloop the sales engagement, cold email, and LinkedIn automation software blog
Vincenzo Ruggiero Mar 20, 20244 min read

Finding email addresses is crucial for sales professionals looking to connect with prospects and expand their networks. It’s no less than the first step of your sales journey! LinkedIn turns out to be a goldmine to find such pieces of information. However, it’s not always easy to retrieve email addresses from the website. Here’s an extended guide to uncover those valuable email addresses.

LinkedIn privacy settings: why are email addresses hidden?

Most of the time, you’ll discover email addresses on LinkedIn are hidden. You may find it challenging to find them just by going to your prospects’ profiles. This is due to GDPR regulations, which require users to consent to how their data is used. Most users decide to opt out and don’t display their email addresses. However, there are several ways to discover them.

How to find emails on LinkedIn?

Tools to find email addresses on LinkedIn: Email Finders

There exist several Chrome extensions that can help you find your Holy Grail! Here’s a list of some of them:

  • SalesQL offers you a free email lookup feature for LinkedIn and allows you to organize them in lists.
  • Kaspr helps you get email addresses for free, but also phone numbers and company info. However, it requires a LinkedIn Premium account to really release its full potential.
  • Uplead lets you retrieve email addresses from LinkedIn with a targeted approach. You can refine your search by industry type, job title, etc.
  • Skrapp allows you to find up to 100 verified email addresses by month for free.
  • AeroLeads: allows you to extract data form LinkedIn and verifies email addresses.

Overloop allows you to find email addresses from LinkedIn, but also from any other website or even from a bulk< file! It’s also compatible with third-party tools and CRM’s like Pipedrive, Salesforce or Hubspot. The email you find is checked by our Email verifier and the information is automatically sent to a specific list and added to an automated campaign! Our automation feature helps you gain time and can even keep finding emails during your sleep!

Search direclty on the linkedin profile

Sometimes, the simplest approach is the easiest: inspect your prospect’s LinkedIn profile! You might find what you want in their Contact Info area, in the About section or maybe even on their profile banner!

If the prospect happens to be in your first connections, you can download a copy of your data and hopefully get access to the email addresses of all your first connections who agreed to share them.

  • Banner: Generally used for personal branding, it’s sometimes used to share contact information
  • Contact info area: it’s where the job title of the user is displayed. Most of the time, it’s also where you’ll find the email address if they agreed on sharing it
  • About: this summary contains a lot of details. The user might have decided to share their email address in this location.

Simply ask for it!

From time to time, simply reaching a prospect by showing genuine interest in their work will help you get their email addresses. This approach does not only help in getting the email address, but also in laying the groundwork for a strong professional relationship. You’ll establish a first contact that’ll be the first step towards mutual trust.

Ask your network

Networks can work miracles! Your own network is a true goldmine for referrals and introductions. Don’t hesitate to ask your mutual connections for introductions or email addresses. Networking remains one of the most powerful tools in any sales professional’s arsenal.

Just guess!

Guessing can eventually yield results. A lot of company email addresses follow a standard format combining their workers’ name and the company name, for instance Try typing the prospect’s name with their company domain attached to it, you might hit the jackpot! However, remember this method doesn’t ensure the email address is the right one. Persistence is key, and don’t forget to verify the email address’s validity to avoid bounces. It’s a situation where you must try and try again.

Combine LinkedIn and Google

If you know the company name of your prospect, try several combinations of their name and the company name and look for their email using Google. Sometimes, their email address might pop up in the results, for instance on the company website, in press releases, or any other publication.

LinkedIn is not the only website on the Internet!

Don’t forget LinkedIn is not the only website that can give you information about your prospects! You can search the company website as we did in the previous paragraph, but also social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Does the prospect have a professional account on these websites?

  • Twitter : Some people mention their email address in their bio. People also sometimes share their email addresses in their tweets. They might replace symbols with words to hide them from bots, for instance by using “do” and “at” instead of “.” and “@”.
  • Social media such as Instagram or Facebook by checking the prospect’s profile
  • Company website : the prospect’s email address could be found in the “About us” or “Team” section.

Do not overlook those other resources: they can help you in your research!

After you’ve found emails: what next?

Once you’ve found your prospect’s email address, your journey doesn’t stop here! It’s only the beginning. Your actual job starts now.

First thing to do: verify the email address you found to make sure it’s active and to reduce the risk of email bounces. With Overloop, you don’t need to worry about it: our Email Finder doesn’t only find emails, it checks whether the email address is active and reachable, helping you start your sales journey on the right foot.

With the correct email addresses in hand, you can craft ultra-personalized emails and create targeted sequences based on the prospect’s behavior. This personalized approach significantly increases your chances of engaging successfully with them and going further in your sales funnel.

You now possess all the tricks and tools to go on an email address quest on LinkedIn! Don’t forget that it’s not only about finding emails, but also about expanding your networking and starting new, meaningful connections that can evolve into fruitful relationships. Overloop simplifies and streamlines this process, offering a comprehensive approach that will find, but also verify email addresses, ensuring your outreach efforts are as effective as possible. Overloop accompanies you in this initial phase of your sales journey, but also guides you throughout the entirety of your adventure, helping you generate impressive results!


Is finding email addresses on Linkedin GDPR compliant?

Yes. Using an email finder tool may not be inherently non-compliant with GDPR. The use of the email addresses found via the email finder is important. We invite you to read our blog article "Is cold email illegal?" for more information.

Does LinkedIn show email addresses?

By default, you can only see the email addresses of your direct connections on LinkedIn. However, some people choose to hide their email addresses even from those connections.

How do I search anonymously on LinkedIn?

To do this, you must join LinkedIn Premium. It possesses a “private browsing mode” allowing you to view other users’ profiles while preventing them from seeing you viewed their profiles.