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How to Write Good Emails

Alexandra Tallon author on Overloop the sales engagement, cold email, and LinkedIn automation software blog
Alexandra Tallon Jul 9, 20203 min read

A lot of you ask us how to write good emails, create a good automation and get the best reply rate ever. We would love to give you the secret recipe. However, trends change everyday and it’s hard to share only one strategy.

At Overloop, a lot of our customers try new strategies again and again. Believe me, it is the way to do it! Iterate until you reach the sky!

We also understand that sometimes, you just need some help and guidance to start. So here are the most common questions you may ask when it comes to sending cold emails.

What should my subject line be?

The subject line is really important. It is what makes a prospect open your email or not. So your subject line needs to be short and attractive. We recommend focusing on what value you will offer the prospect, which issue you are fixing.

You need to ask yourself: Would I open this email if I got it in my inbox? If the answer is no, you know that your prospects will not open it either.

What is a good email content?

How to write an email is always the first question when it comes to setting up an automation and sending your first campaign. We advise starting with one sentence about why you contact them. This is the “catch-up” sentence.

Follow up with 1 or 2 sentences underlining their issue, not your solution. After that, you can write a sentence about why they need you to fix their issue and how you can help them.

You will finish your email with the “call to action”. As an example, you can suggest a call or a webinar.

How many email steps should I send to one prospect?

Our automations allow you to send automatic email follow ups. It means you can send an unlimited number of emails to a prospect. Of course, you should limit the number of emails you send.

From a deliverability point of view, we recommend sending between 3 and 7 emails in an automation. If you only send 1 or 2 emails, the prospect may just miss them. But don’t overdo it too. If you sent more than 7 emails and still didn’t get any response from the prospect, let’s be honest, they are probably not interested in your service and you may end up being marked as spam.

Ready to do it?

We hope this helps you get started. Using Overloop is already a great starting point but remember that our team of experts is here to help you set up everything before you hit the “send” button ;)

Good luck with your sales!