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Sales strategies: Analyse the prospects that turn you down

Alexandra Tallon author on Overloop the sales engagement, cold email, and LinkedIn automation software blog
Alexandra Tallon Nov 3, 20202 min read

Today, I want to talk about sales and strategies. And even more importantly, about how we can, as salespeople, make more money in less time. Isn’t it what we all want? So today, let’s talk about prospects that turn us down.

A lot of sales agents think that the most important Sales KPI is the number of prospects that have turned into deals. And for sure it matters a lot in the sales world. But maybe not as much as the number of prospects that do not turn into deals.

Don’t misunderstand me, we all love closing deals and making money out of it. But when a prospect says “no” to you, they actually also share relevant information and knowledge about your market, the prospects you need to research, and how to gain time in the sales process.

When a prospect is not interested in your product or when the prospect opts out of your email automations, you actually learn so much about your own job. Take all of this data, take an extra step, and research more thoroughly. Check what kind of companies opt out (region, industries, size, etc.) and what kind of prospect’s positions opt out (job titles, C-level, etc.). Once you have all this info, analyse it and underline some “similar behaviours and results”. Knowing who will and will not buy your product or use your service will help you to shorten your leads research.

By taking more time doing more scrupulous research and being pickier about who you want to contact, you actually gain time at the end of the race. You will actually only contact people that are interested and are likely to become closed deals.