Transform your Sales Calls with Overloop Cold Calling Software!

Yes, cold calling is still a thing, and it’s more alive than ever and has never been this easy with Overloop! Transform prospect connection like never before!

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Picture illustration the Cold Calling feature in Overloop

An introduction to next-level cold calling with Aircall

VoIP Call via Browser

Turn your computer into a calling hub with Overloop. Make crystal-clear VOIP calls directly from your browser for maximum efficiency and convenience. This ensures you superior call quality, eliminating the need for traditional phone systems.

Local Presence Dialing

Increase your pick-up rates with Overloop’s local presence dialing. It allows you to display local numbers to your prospect, regardless of your actual location. This feature helps building a trustful connection with your audience, and boosts pick-up rates, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.

Inbound calls too!

Get incoming calls alerts on your Overloop interface and start meaningful conversations instantly by answering calls without leaving the software. Before you even answer, get immediate context behind every inbound call with data automatically pulled from your Overloop account.

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Aircall integration in Overloop

The power of data

Finding the right numbers

Overloop automatically connects with your CRM: you’re always talking to the right person! Our software grants you access to accurate and targeted contact information, making sure every call you make is a step towards maximizing your outreach effectiveness.

Effortless CRM data sync

Effortlessly integrate your CRM with Overloop and get your call details automatically logged. This feature keeps your customer data up-to-date and fully synchronized, providing you with a comprehensive view of your customers’ data and making every call as informed as possible.

Aircall Integration

Our native Aircall integration allows you to start a call in 1 click, directly from Overloop!

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Picture illustration of native integrations in Overloop

Call automation

Power Dialer

Accelerate your outreach with our Power Dialer! Do not waste time dialing anymore, Overloop does it for you! Reach more prospects in less time and boost your efficiency and productivity.

Campaign Creation

Take control of your calling schedule with Overloop’s Campaign Creation feature. Create tailor-made call campaigns and schedule your calls to connect with your prospects when they’re most likely to engage! Reach a higher volume of prospects and enhance your efficiency and your productivity.

Automated sequences

Say goodbye to repetitive administrative tasks! Overloop automatically updates your customer’s journey based on their behaviour within a sequence. This allows you to save time and ensures a personalized and responsive approach to each prospect.

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Call Tracking and Reporting

In depth call insights

Track and analyze every call with Overloop. Our platform offers performance reports and detailed dashboards. Understand engagement, call outcomes and evaluate your team’s performances to continuously refine your strategies.

Track calling activity in Overloop and analyse calls outcomes to meet your KPIs, and in the end, close more deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to chat with us if you still have questions about Overloop.

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Is cold calling illegal?

No. Like cold emailing, cold calling is not illegal as long as you comply with specific local laws and formalities, and only call potential customers that could reasonably be interested in what you have to say, you're clear.

Is cold calling still effective nowadays?

Certainly! Cold calling can be effective, especially when combined with other channels like cold emailing and LinkedIn outreach, creating a powerful and well-rounded approach for successful sales efforts.

What is a good cold call opener?

A good cold call opener is a friendly introduction followed by a brief mention of how your product or service can solve a problem or meet a need for the prospect. Keep it concise and focused on their interests to grab their attention.

What are the worst days to cold call?

Avoid cold calling on Mondays and Fridays, as people are often busy or less receptive. Mid-week, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tends to be better for reaching potential prospects.