Cold Emailing

Optimize your Process with Overloop Cold Emailing tool.

In the fast-paced world of sales, you face the dual the challenge of maximizing outreach and maintaining personal connections with each prospect at scale.

Spend less time searching for information – Overloop helps you with your daily tasks and transforms how your sales team operates.

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Picture illustration the cold emailing feature in Overloop

Release the power of Email Automation

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and time loss with email automation!

Overloop email automation feature helps you create automated campaigns and mail sequences, personalize emails and follow-ups!

Personalized emails: solving the impersonal outreach challenge

Nobody likes an impersonal, generic email. As a Sales person, you know that that kind of bulk email will directly go to your recipient’s trash, dramatically lowering your response rate. With Overloop, that’s in the past: our advanced personalized options help you send emails that make your prospect feel like they’re the only one on your list! Wave goodbye to the trash bin!

Personalize the names, surnames, subjects, but also the sending address and the content of the mail.

Personalized follow-ups for every prospect

Each prospect is unique, and so should be your follow-ups. Customize emails based on your prospect’s behaviour, driving higher engagement rate and forging stronger connections.

Create tailor-made sequences and scenarios

Automation is the heart of Overloop. It allows you to design custom email sequences and scenarios based on the recipient’s behaviour, ensuring a targeted approach in just a few clicks!

You’re aiming for leads on the other side of the world? No problem: set different sending days for different time zones!

Sales Outreach Automation

Drowning in administrative tasks? Overloop allows you to set up and run email campaigns that operate automatically. Create triggers to automatically sort leads, saving countless hours and increasing your productivity.

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Outbound feature in Overloop

Email Tracking for Insightful Management

Your emails have been sent; now it’s time to track their journey. Enter the world of strategic email tracking with Overloop and get deep insights about your leads’ behavior.

Track Engagement in real time, analyze and optimize!

Get insights into how your emails are performing. Our multiple events tracking feature like, open, click, conversion tracking and much more to understand your audience’s engagement and help you tailor strategies for maximum impact.

  • Our weekly performance reports will help you get an even more detailed knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Get more replies and more leads
  • LinkedIn Reply tracking: Overloop capabilities extend beyond emails, it also tracks LinkedIn Inmail replies!

A/B Testing: sharpen your prospect knowledge

Test and pick what works best thanks to our A/B testing feature. Experiment, analyze, and find out what turns your prospects into leads and customers. Watch your response rates rocket!

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Cold emails tracking

Integrate with the tools you already use

Still juggling multiple tools? Overloop brings everything together, offering seamless integration with CRM’s, tools and mailboxes:

  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce
  • Calendly
  • Gmail, Outlook or your very own personal SMTP/IMAP server!
  • And many more!

Unify all your sales under one roof with Overloop!

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Connect your Google and Microsoft mailbox to Overloop

Boost sales efficiency

Increase your teams’s efficiency with Overloop. Overloop automation and targeting tools help you work smarter, not harder. Focus on building relationships and closing deals while Overloop handles the grunt work!

Drive Revenue Growth

Accelerate your path to revenue growth. Overloop helps you engage more leads, close more deals, and boost your bottom line.

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Auto enroll prospects in outbound campaigns

Enhance Customer Relationships

Sales isn’t just about closing deals; it’s also about building relationships. Overloop helps you personalize your outreach, build trust and create strong relationships with your customers that’ll drive repeat business and loyalty

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Cold email reply in Overloop