Elevate your Lead Generation Game with Overloop’s Email Finder

Struggling to connect with the right leads? In a world where contact details are hard to find, Overloop’s email finder solves this problem and turns the Internet into your personal prospecting playground!

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Picture illustration of the email finder feature in Overloop

Search for any email address, anywhere

Find emails from websites

You’re scrolling through a website but can’t find any contact details? Overloop will scan the code and effortlessly find and extract professional email addresses from any webpage or website you scroll, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable connections!

Mass Email retrieval made simple

You have a list of important prospects in a spreadsheet but you are missing their email addresses? Overloop can help you find email addresses in bulk by uploading your file, whether it’s Excel or CSV. Just watch Overloop fill the gap, it's fast and powerful!

LinkedIn Email Finder: your networking ally (Overloop Extension)

Finding new prospects on LinkedIn can be a challenging task. The Overloop Chrome Extension makes it a piece of cake! Find and reach out to prospects in one click and launch cold email campaigns, from any LinkedIn profile, straight from your browser quickly and easily!

Seamless API Search

Need email capabilities integrated into your workflow? With a simple call to Overloop's Email Finder API, you can search from anywhere, integrating it into any regular workflow in your organization and streamlining your outreach.

Directly within Overloop!

You want to revisit and find the email address of an existing prospect you added some time ago? No problem: Overloop will search for it and complete the information for you! Just provide the organization name and the domain, Overloop handles the rest!

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Search for emails using CSV or Excel files

You have a list of prospects in a spreadsheet but you are missing the email addresses? Overloop can help you find email addresses in bulk by uploading your file.

It's fast and powerful!

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Find anyone’s email in seconds from any CSV or XLS file

Advanced Email Verification

How useful is a prospect email if you can’t contact them and it leads nowhere? Overloop’s Email Finder doesn’t just find emails, it checks whether every email address provided is active and reachable, significantly reducing the likelihood of your emails bouncing and increasing the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.

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Verify email addresses before sending cold emails

Integration made easy

CRM integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, and beyond!

No need for juggling multiple third-party services anymore: Overloop offers direct integration with major CRM’s on the market like Salesforce, HubSpot or Pipedrive. And if you’re using a different application, we got you covered: Overloop’s compatibility with Zapier connects you with over 700 software options, simplifying your workflow and making sure you’re always in sync !

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Picture illustration of native integrations in Overloop

Automate your sales process for peak efficiency

One-click prospect enrollment to campaigns, straight from LinkedIn

Say goodbye to boring, repetitive tasks: Overloop automatically adds your new prospects to your campaigns or specific lists in just one click! Save time and enhance the efficiency of your sales process!

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Visual outbound campaign builder in Overloop

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to chat with us if you still have questions about Overloop.

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Is Overloop’s email finder GDPR compliant?

Yes! It's important to note that using an email finder tool itself may not be inherently non-compliant with GDPR. The usage you'll do of the email address found via the email finder is important.

We invite your to read our blog article "Is cold email illegal?" for more information.

Can Overloop’s email finder differentiate between personal and professional addresses?

Overloop email finder will only provide professional email addresses, like firstname.lastname@company.com.

How does the tool manage opt-outs or unsubscribe requests?

Overloop provides a complete system for opt-outs or unsubscribe requests called the exclusion list. You can manually add emails or an entire domain to that list and Overloop will never send emails to these addresses anymore.

Is there a limit to the number of email addresses that can be searched or extracted per day or per month?

The limit depends on your subscription. Every plan includes a number of email finder credits. You can buy more credits if you need. Check our pricing for more information.

Can the tool be used by multiple team members?

Yes, all your email finder credits are available for the entire team.