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We've built all the features you need to run multi-channel outbound campaigns, start more conversations, and close more deals.

Sales engagement & cold emailing made for small and medium businesses. Send personalized cold emails campaigns, automatically outrech prospects on LinkedIn, handle your entire sales pipeline and track sales performances to close more deals.

List Building & Leads Management

  • Email Finder

    Our powerful algorithm will find missing email addresses and automatically enrich your leads.

  • Chrome Extension

    Use our Google Chrome extension to create leads from anywhere online.

  • Import & Enrich from LinkedIn

    Create leads directly from any LinkedIn profile or from a LinkedIn search. Works with Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Basic.

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  • Import Leads

    Import leads from a CSV or a spreadsheet, migrate from another CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more.

  • Custom Fields

    Your business is unique, this is why we allow you to personalize Overloop with custom fields.

  • Leads Management

    Organize your leads in lists, but also using our dynamic smart segments.


  • Multi-channel Campaigns

    Get crazy results with campaigns mixing LinkedIn actions, email follow-ups, manual tasks, etc.

  • Cold Emails

    Connect your email account (Google or Microsoft), and send personalized emails, at scale.

  • LinkedIn Automation

    Connect your LinkedIn account, and automate profile visits, connection requests, and even direct messages.

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  • Templates & Variables

    Use templates & {{variables}} to send ultra-personalized messages to your leads.

  • Email Threads

    Send your emails as replies to your previous emails.

  • Email Tracking

    Track opens, clicks, visits, bounces, replies, and even out-of-office or automatic replies.

Sales Productivity

  • Deals & Pipelines

    Drag & drop your deals in visual and fully customizable sales pipelines.

  • Workflows

    Generate more revenue and spend less time on repetitive tasks by setting up powerful workflows using a simple, visual interface.

  • Tasks Management

    Tasks are powerful to get things done. Create different kinds of tasks depending on your needs: action, call, email, etc.

  • Conversations Inbox

    Use the Overloop inbox to manage all your outbound conversations in one place.

  • Collaboration

    Add notes, documents, tasks and share the entire lead journey with your team.

  • Integrations & Syncing

    Integrate Overloop with the tools you already use. Our integrations allow you to focus on your job, not on the processes.

Reporting & Insights

  • Campaigns Performances

    What campaign brings the best results? Analyze each step of a campaign, to understand and improve performances.

  • Email Tracking

    Track email opens, clicks, replies, out-of-office, and bounces.

  • LinkedIn Tracking

    Track LinkedIn message replies, and check if your lead accepted your invitation request.

  • Bounce Reporting

    Clearly understand your bounce rate and take direct actions to improve your deliverability.

  • Revenue Forecasting

    Accurately project your revenue and make good decisions at the right time.

  • Activity Reporting

    Track your sales team activity to increase performance and productivity.

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