LeadsBridge connects over 370 tools with the most popular advertising platforms and lead generation sources.

LeadsBridge is an advertising automation platform for lead generation, audience sync and offline conversions sync.

LeadsBridge integration with Overloop CRM

Next level remarketing campaigns

It increases lead generation conversion rate, puts the autopilot on the Facebook, LinkedIn and Google remarketing campaigns, implements advanced automation flows for online-to-offline measurement tools, and optimizes and measures the return on ad spend of online advertising campaigns.

Automated Facebook Lead ads sync

LeadsBridge connects Overloop with Facebook and Instagram Ads (Lead Ads, Custom Audiences, Offline Conversions), Google Ads (Lead Form Ads, Customer Match, Offline Conversions Tracking), and LinkedIn Ads (Lead Gen Forms, Matched Audiences) as well as over 400 CRMs, Email and SMS software, and other various miscellaneous tools.

Platform to platform sync

LeadsBridge also offers a platform to platform sync.