LinkedIn Automation

Thinking about simplifying your LinkedIn prospecting and sales process? Overloop is an all-in-one Linkedin automation tool, and much more than that!

Save precious time by automating your most repetitive tasks, while maintaining a high level of personalization. Connect your LinkedIn account, and automate profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages.

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Automate your LinkedIn interactions

Connect your LinkedIn account to Overloop in 1 click and send connection requests, profile views and messages automatically from your campaign.

Why automate? The stakes are crucial for your business development:

  • Improve the overall quality of your interactions with your prospects, avoiding oversights or messy follow-ups.
  • Take your prospecting to the next level by automatically generating qualified leads.
  • Deliver a better brand experience, by crafting your messages in a highly personalized way.
  • Better organize your sales pipeline and, above all, gain insight into your impact.

And… Save considerable time!

Capture new leads
from LinkedIn in 1 click

It couldn't be simpler: log in to your LinkedIn account, open the Overloop extension and click to connect your account directly. You're all set! You can now start your Linkedin automation.

Google Chrome Extension

Find anyone’s email address straight from your browser.

Looking for new prospects takes time and effort. The Overloop Chrome extension helps you find prospects in one click and launch cold email campaigns straight from your browser in mere seconds.

All that so you can focus on what really matters: selling.

Do it all without ever leaving LinkedIn!

Automatically add prospects to your Overloop account, directly from the comfort of LinkedIn. Even better, Overloop adds your contact's professional email address for you, based on their name and company.

Put your LinkedIn lead generation process on autopilot

Automating your lead generation doesn't just save you an enormous amount of time. Quite simply, it's crucial to developing your revenues as an agency or SaaS.

  • Profile visits

    Automatically visit LinkedIn profiles to warm them up for future interactions on LinkedIn or by email.

  • Connection requests

    Save time and grow your network by automatically sending out personalized connection requests.

  • LinkedIn Direct Messages

    Send personalized LinkedIn direct messages to start conversations, and close more deals.

  • Automate your replies

    Don't worry, Overloop automatically tracks replies from your leads in LinkedIn messenger.

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Simplify your LinkedIn outbound campaigns

Most LinkedIn automation tools have developed a specialty: either automating outreach sequences, creating content or scraping contacts from Linkedin.

Generally speaking, they all help you extend your outreach on the platform to reach prospects faster and more efficiently.

Think that's great already?

At Overloop, we don't think that's enough.

When you interact with someone, do you use just one channel?
Of course not! Naturally, you connect via LinkedIn, propose a call by email and eventually follow up by phone. At Overloop, we provide authentic multichannel campaigns. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps; with Overloop, enjoy seamless integrated management right from your account.

Start more conversations, close more deals

Crush your sales quota with ultra-personalized outbound campaigns mixing Cold Emails, LinkedIn Automation, and Phone Calls.

  • Build your lists

    Build and enrich prospects lists from LinkedIn in a single click!

  • Engage with prospects

    Send personalized multi-channel outbound campaigns, at scale.

  • Manage your pipeline

    Manage all your sales activities, from prospecting to closing, in a single app!

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Analyse & Improve

Analyse and optimize every sales activity, from prospecting to closing, with Overloop's reporting features.

Track everything to improve your sales performance

You can't sell successfully on a large scale without testing and iterating. Overloop helps you do just that - you track your entire sales process, adjust and improve continuously!

Overloop gives you 2 different kinds of reports to track your success:

  1. Overall reporting: an overall view of your prospecting activities, for your whole account, and for all your workflows.
  2. Workflow performance: used to understand how a specific workflow performs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Overloop allows you to measure different metrics:

  • Opens: Do prospects open my emails?
  • Clicks: Do prospects click on the link I send them?
  • Replies: Do prospects reply to my emails?
  • Page visits: Do prospects visit the pages on my website?
  • LinkedIn tracking

    Get a comprehensive report on your performance by tracking all your LinkedIn-related interactions: connection requests accepted, messages opened, replies received, open rates, etc. You'll have all the insights you need to adjust your campaigns and make your Linkedin automation even more powerful.

  • Campaigns reporting

    Thanks to the Performance tab, available when you open a campaign, you get all the statistics related to your campaigns. You can see exactly how each stage of the campaign is performing in terms of opens, clicks, responses and page views.

  • Activity reporting

    Track your sales team activity to increase performance and productivity.

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Track your main LinkedIn automation KPIs

Features that take your LinkedIn automation to the next level

Automating your LinkedIn interactions is the first step towards an optimized sales process. But there's much more to get from the Overloop platform.

Import from LinkedIn or from your CSV file

Automation is designed to make your life easier. So let's take it one step further, by allowing you to easily import/export all your contacts.

With Overloop, you can create leads directly from any LinkedIn profile or from a LinkedIn search, whether using Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Basic.

You can also import contacts from a CSV file or spreadsheet, or migrate them from another CRM such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.

Send highly personalized messages

Your company is unique, and so are your customers. Stand out from the crowd with incredibly personalized messages. With our custom fields, you can offer your prospects a seamless experience, and position your company as a reliable partner.

Benefit from native integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive

Integration is gold. The most beautiful platform, isolated from the others, loses much of its value. At Overloop, we're well aware of this, and make sure you enjoy an integrated experience with your other favorite tools. Thanks to our API, you can communicate seamlessly with your entire tool stack. Effortlessly.

Combine with emailing, phone and manual tasks

Because a unique experience needs variety, we facilitate your multi-channel campaigns right within our platform. Yes, you read that right, we don't just mention sending an email or make a call in your Linkedin sequence, we enable you to integrate these activities directly from your Overloop account, and automate them to save time and propel your impact beyond expectations.

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The importance of a reliable LinkedIn automation tool

As you probably know, LinkedIn has very strict policies in place when it comes to automation and extensive usage of their platform. That's why it's essential to use a reliable, tried-and-tested tool to avoid any penalties that could wipe out all your sales efforts.

Avoiding LinkedIn penalties

Overloop takes measures to minimize the chances of LinkedIn tagging your account as suspicious or blocking it when you use our automation. The main idea behind our approach is to carry out automation in a human way: daily limits, warming up the Linkedin account, balanced distribution of interactions, etc. The security of your accounts is our priority #1

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Is it safe to use Overloop’s LinkedIn sales automation tool?

Overloop has limitations to comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. This led us to have a near 0% ban rate.

How many connection requests can I send per month?

You can send up to 400 connection requests and 1,000 messages per month.

Do I need a Sales Navigator account to use Overloop?

Our sales automations tool works with both premium (Sales Navigator) and regular LinkedIn accounts.

What exactly is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn automation refers to the use of software tools and scripts to automate various tasks on LinkedIn. These tools are designed to streamline and optimize sales processes and outbound, making it easier for sales teams to prospect on LinkedIn.

Is it allowed/risky to use automation on LinkedIn?

While automation can save time and effort, it's essential to use these tools responsibly and in compliance with LinkedIn's policies. Excessive or inappropriate automation can lead to negative consequences, including damage to your professional reputation and potential account restrictions.

Overloop offers smart limits that help you comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. This led us to have a near 0% ban rate.

Does LinkedIn automation really work in 2024?

Yes, of course! LinkedIn is one of the key channels to use for outbound, along with cold emails and cold calling.

Always prioritize authentic engagement, even when using a sales automation tool, as building genuine connections tends to be more effective and sustainable in the long run.

Which actions can I automate on LinkedIn?

With Overloop you can automate these LinkedIn actions: profile visits, connection requests, and LinkedIn direct messages.

Which tools are most suitable for automation on LinkedIn?

There are a lot of tools on the market. Some require a lot of technical knowledge and are clearly against LinkedIn rules.

Using Overloop helps you manage the entire process easily and without the risk of getting banned from LinkedIn.

Do I risk a LinkedIn penalty if I use a tool like Overloop?

Generally speaking, LinkedIn has been strict about the use of automation tools, and violating their terms of service can result in penalties such as account restrictions or suspension.

However, Overloop developed features like smart limits that help you comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. This led us to have a near 0% ban rate.

Is LinkedIn automation adapted for SaaS businesses?

Yes, LinkedIn automation is adapted for SaaS businesses.

But it's not just about automating LinkedIn actions. Outbound is actually proved to bring great results for SaaS.

Overloop's multi-channel campaigns will help you outreach your prospects on LinkedIn but also through email and phone. This will ensure the best possible results with outbound for your SaaS business.

Is LinkedIn automation adapted for consulting services or agencies?

Yes, LinkedIn automation is adapted for consulting services or agencies.

But it's not just about automating LinkedIn actions. Outbound is actually proved to bring great results for consulting services or agencies.

Overloop's multi-channel campaigns will help you outreach your prospects on LinkedIn but also through email and phone. This will ensure the best possible results with outbound for your consulting or agency business.

You’re in good company

We’re proud and grateful to help thousands of sales people working in great companies all around the world.

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