Boost your sales with Overloop’s multi-channel sales platform!

In today’s fast-paced market, staying ahead means being everywhere where your prospects are. Overloop allows you to mix cold emails, LinkedIn automation and cold calling into cohesive multi-channel campaigns to reach out to your prospects on their favorite channels and generate more conversions!

  • Higher response rates: engage prospects on their favorite channels for better responses
  • Diversified communication: tailor your approach to fit the unique dynamics of each channel
  • Gain time: automate routine tasks and let Overloop do the grunt work!
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Picture illustration the Multi-channels Outbound Campaigns feature in Overloop

Automatization: put an end to routine!

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks! Overloop automates sales routine so that you can focus on what really matters: building relations and closing deals!

Visual campaign builder

Get a clear view of your campaigns with our visual campaign builder! Design your sales journeys with our drag-and-drop feature: add cold emails, tasks, phone calls, and LinkedIn actions in a simple click. Map out your multi-channel strategy visually and make complex campaigns simple.

Automated Sequences

Automate intricate scenarios that run like clockwork. Set triggers, follow-up procedures that ensure consistent and meaningful touchpoints across all your channels, keeping your prospects engaged.

Automatic Enrollment

Effortlessly enroll prospects thanks to Overloop’s trigger-based enrollement feature! It ensures that prospects are automatically added to your account and different campaigns based on specific events and interactions, like email replies or link clicks.

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Visual outbound campaign builder in Overloop

Smart Action Blocks


Use advanced conditions to create powerful workflows that direct your prospects down different paths based on a set of filters, ensuring a highly targeted approach.


Integrate strategic delays to set intervals between emails or actions, giving your prospects the right amount of time to absorb and react.


Correct information is key in Sales. Overloop’s review feature will queue up prospects so that you can check and approve them before they can continue the workflow, ensuring every step forward is based on correct and up-to-date information.

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Smart outbound campaign steps

Personalization: create tailored experiences for your prospects

Every Sales knows personalization is key. Impersonal sales emails are a thing of the past with Overloop. Create personalized email sequences that’ll make your prospects feel truly special.

Email personalization

Go beyond the simple “Hello X!” Personalize your emails with context and relevance. Overloop personalization tool allows you to tailor content based on the prospects’ profiles, behavior and interactions across various channels.

Sequence personalization

Customize your outreach sequences for every prospect. Create specific journeys based on their actions and whether they’re interacting trough email, LinkedIn or over the phone.

The right message to the right person

Efficiently segment your prospects and guide them through tailored paths. Overloop enables you to target different pools of decision-makers with precision and offer them a personalized experience.

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Reporting & Analysis: gather information, analyze and improve

Get insightful analytics at every step of your campaigns with Overloop! Discover what works and what needs refinement, understand and improve performance.

  • Email Tracking

    Track your emails and the prospect actions with them. Track opens, clicks, replies and bounces to gauge performance. Use this data to adapt your approach and increase engagement.

  • LinkedIn Tracking

    Monitor LinkedIn interactions with precision. Track message replies and connection requests.

  • Phone Calls Tracking

    Analyze and track phone call outcomes to improve your sales pitch and strategies. Overloop provides you with insights for better results.

  • Campaign Performance

    Which campaign brings the best results? Analyze each step of your scenarios and get a comprehensive view of your performance metrics. Adjust your sequences for maximum impact.

  • A/B Testing

    Create multiple campaigns and discover what resonates best with your audience. Test elements like email subject lines, tone of voice and outreach timings.

  • Bounce Reporting

    Clearly understand your bounce rate and take direct actions to improve your deliverability.

  • Activity reporting

    Stay informed about your Sales Activities. Overloop reports provide you with a complete view of all your sales team’s data and efforts to increase performance and efficiency and also celebrate successes!

  • Actionable Analytics

    Embrace data-driven optimization to continuously enhance your sales strategies.

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Multi-channel features: meet your prospect at the right place and the right time

In the realm of modern sales, versatility is key. Switch easily from one channel to the other with Overloop!

Cold Emailing

The art of cold emailing won’t have any secrets for you with Overloop! Our tool ensures your emails not only reach the right person at the right moment, but also stand out from the rest, opening doors to new opportunities!

Cold Calling

Sharpen your cold calling techniques. Overloop provides you with the insights and the tools needed to make each call count, turning cold leads into warm projects.

LinkedIn Automation

Turn LinkedIn into a powerful ally. Connect your LinkedIn account, and Overloop will automate profile visits, connection requests, and messages while you are sleeping!

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Campaign Reviews

Campaigns are very powerful but can also be very intimidating, especialy as they become more complex over the time. We have years of experience partnering with customers to implement best practices for outbound campaigns and sales automations which achieve optimal results.

With Campaign Reviews, you can ask us at any time to review your campaign to make sure it’s aligned with your strategy, has no dead ends, and will run smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to chat with us if you still have questions about Overloop.

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Are multi-channel campaigns more effective?

Absolutely! According to market statistics, using multi-channel outbound sales strategies on businesses is evident. Businesses that use three or more channels in their outbound campaigns observe a 287% increase in purchase rates compared to those relying on a single channel.

What is exactly a multi-channel outbound campaign?

A multi-channel outbound campaign is a sales or marketing strategy that uses different ways to connect with prospects, like emails, phone calls, and social media (LinkedIn). It helps businesses reach a wider audience and engage with customers through various communication channels.

What’s the difference between multi-channel marketing vs. multichannel sales?

Multi-channel marketing involves promoting and advertising products or services through various channels to reach a broader audience. It focuses on creating awareness and interest. On the other hand, multichannel sales refer to the use of multiple channels for selling products or services directly to customers, emphasizing the actual transaction process and converting leads into sales.