Overloop gives you the tools you need to handle all your inbound and outbound conversations right from your CRM.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Email sync

Connect your email account, and use our 2-way email sync to send and receive emails directly from Overloop.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM
Conversations in Overloop free CRM
Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Conversations at scale

Outbound campaigns

Create outbound email sequences to automate your work and boost your sales productivity.

Automate repetitive tasks

Automatically create deals when new messages are coming in, add activities when conversations are assigned to sales rep, etc. using workflows.


Create and manage email templates and make them available to the rest of your company in just one click.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM
Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Outbound insights

Open, click, reply, and visit tracking

Did my prospect open my email? Did they click on the link? Did they already sign up for my product? With Overloop you’ll be able to answer these kind of questions.

Out-of-office management

Overloop knows the difference between an automated out-of-office message and a genuine response. Also, we will tell you what we couldn’t deliver.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Personalization drives success

Integrate your prospect’s first name, last name, company name, or any information you want, at scale and in just one click thanks to variables. Combined with custom fields, possibilities are endless.

Open your CRM to the world

Use Overloop’s conversations to create lasting relationships with prospects using the channel they prefer: email, forms, or live chat.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Web forms

Overloop’s web forms make it easy to collect and store information from your visitors directly in your CRM. Customize the forms to gather the information you need, with over 1,000 predefined form fields.

You can share a form via a link or even embed it on your website and instantly start conversations with your visitors.

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Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Overloop email

You can easily forward emails to Overloop by using your personal address. They will then be automatically linked to the relevant prospects and deals.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Live chats Soon

Use Overloop’s live chat to connect prospects or customers to the right people on your team, in real time. Every conversation gets automatically saved in your inbox, so you have a crystal clear view of every interaction.

Conversations in Overloop free CRM
Conversations in Overloop free CRM
Conversations in Overloop free CRM

Collaborate in your inboxes

Team inboxes

Connect your team email addresses to a shared inbox, and make collaboration effortless and more efficient.


Bring a teammate’s attention to a conversation by adding a note and mentioning them. When you mention a teammate, they’ll be notified so they know that they need to review the conversation or follow-up with the prospect.

Transfer conversations

Assign conversations to you or any teammate in your Overloop account. This is the most effective way to sort incoming messages and give your team a clear understanding of who is working on what.

“We use Overloop to turn cold emails into free trial signups. It allows us to reach out to the right person through relevant and personal emails at scale.”

Gary Gaspar. CEO, Marker

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