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How 87seconds Use Automation to Start Meaningful Conversations

2x increase in number of meetings in 5 months
10 hours saved per rep per month
Single rep generated $400K in sales in 3 months

Industry: Creative
Key Feature: Workflows
HQ: Brussels, Belgium
Website: https://87seconds.com

87seconds is one of Europe’s leading video production agencies. In just 5 years, the company grew from 0 to 80 employees, opened offices in Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Amsterdam and Madrid and its revenue as well as its reputation went through the roof.

By leveraging the right channels, mixing old school techniques with advanced technology, they managed to grow by 1.331% in 2017.

87seconds started as a one-man show. Thibaut Dehem (CEO) believed that video marketing could be done better through great communication with clients, so he started building an interface that allows clients to put themselves in the director’s chair. He would then rely on his network of creatives to build the video.

The challenges

Every company founder knows that getting your first customers is the hardest part of all. Thibaut knew this and spent a great deal of time on offline sales operations such as meeting prospects at trade shows as well as on online operations like cold emailing. The problem was: email was very efficient but not scalable as it was.

“You waste a lot of time on tasks that don’t have any added value” says Thibaut. “Copying and pasting email addresses and body texts. Also, depending on the contact, you may want to send emails at various times, which would require you to be in front of your computer at all times.”

“Using Overloop frees up extra time that we can turn into creating valuable relationships.”

Vincent Cools. Business Development, 87seconds

The results

Overloop’s goal is to reduce that waste of time so as to focus on what really matters to salespeople: closing sales and generate revenue.

Using Overloop, 87seconds is able to automate dozens of processes that would take one or more full-time jobs to do manually. Among these, finding prospects’ contact info and setting up a campaign can take up to a whole day if done manually. The same operation can be reduced to a couple of hours through automation.

87seconds has improved their outreach process by using Overloop and saw a massive increase in revenue over a couple of months.

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