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How Lemons Use Overloop to Get Reply Rates of Over 25%

10x more emails sent per rep in 1 month
Average 25% response rate per campaign
Single rep generated $150K in sales

Industry: Creative
Key Feature: Workflows
HQ: Minsk, Belarus
Website: https://lemons.studio/

Lemons is a motion design and animation studio specializing in video explainers. It was founded in 2013 by Andrew Kozik and Vlad Gindin, and has since grown its team to over 20 employees. Their portfolio of high profile customers includes Google, Panasonic, Unicef, T-Mobile or Cisco.

The challenges

Although they work with a wide range of clients and industries, a big chunk of Lemons’ business is directed towards blockchain projects and organizations about to launch their ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings).

Obviously, attracting these companies is key to keeping up with their sales pipeline. This is why they use Overloop to regularly launch highly targeted drip campaigns… Which of course require to get hold of many contacts in that very specific niche.

“Overloop is a great tool. It helped us generate more than $100k in revenue and build long lasting relationships with dozens of new clients!”

Andrew Kozik. CEO & Co-Founder, Lemons

The results

To achieve this first step, Andrew and his team rely on our Google Chrome extension to quickly find email addresses while browsing websites about cryptocurrencies and companies active in this field.

With this data automatically loaded into their Overloop account, they can then focus on crafting precisely targeted drip campaigns using our workflows tool. They once get replies from no less than 440 prospects in one single campaign.

Lemons has been using Overloop for over 3 years and they continue to appreciate its ability to generate revenue while saving countless hours of work and growing long lasting relationships with new customers. And we truly hope it will continue this way.

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