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How Marker.io Turn Cold Emails Into Free Trial Signups

10x more emails sent per rep in 1 month
18 hours saved per rep per month
30% increase in revenue in 4 months

Industry: Software
Key Feature: Workflows
HQ: Brussels, Belgium
Website: https://marker.io

Together, Emile-Victor Portenart and Gary Gaspar helped hundreds of people create their websites or softwares. But regardless who they were working for, they always struggled to collect actionable feedbacks from project managers, QA testers, or clients.

That’s why they created Marker.io as a feedback tool that would be as intuitive as writing with a marker on a screen, but powerful enough that feedback would automatically end up in the hands of the right people and in the right tool.

The challenges

Marker.io’s team uses a data-driven approach to growth. For example, they start each month with a clear revenue objective in mind and plan everything according to this goal. Usually, the goal is to add 20% to 30% of new MRR on any given month.

Obviously, to sustain this kind of growth, they need repeatable and predictable ways to attract enough new leads month after month. Although they believe in the power of SEO and content marketing, they also know that this kind of work takes time to pay off.

So to get faster results, they turned to Overloop hoping to drive people to their marketing site and have them signup for a free trial.

“We use Overloop to turn cold emails into free trial signups. It allows us to reach out to the right person through relevant and personal emails at scale.”

Gary Gaspar. CEO, Marker.io

The results

Marker.io use Overloop Extension for LinkedIn to search for their perfect customer profile via their job title and discover their email addresses.

They save those addresses to a list per job title and then send automated follow-up campaigns to those people. As soon as they receive a reply or a conversion event (free signup) from the prospect, they create a new lead in Hubspot CRM and stop all automatic emails. From there on, they follow up on a one-to-one basis.

Since using Overloop, they drove hundred of unique visits and tens of new signups to their website. It’s still early to assess the real impact in dollar terms because their conversion funnel requires a 30 day free trial. However, the general feeling is pretty good.

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