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Overloop CRM, free plan

Free CRM

Get access for all your team to a complete CRM, for free!

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited deals
  • Maximum 1 pipeline
  • Full Email Syncing
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Imports / Exports
  • Integrations

Looking for advanced CRM features?

Overloop CRM, advanced plan


$ 79 /mo

then $29/mo per additional user

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Email Automation
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • Email Tracking (Opens, Clicks, Replies)
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Custom Fields, Templates & Variables
  • Email Finder (250 credits/month/user)
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Email Finder credits

Credits are used to discover email addresses using our Email Finder. Each paying user get 250 credits per month included in the price. If you need more credits you can purchase additional credit packs that can be used by all your users.



$ 39/mo



$ 59/mo



$ 99/mo



$ 189/mo



$ 299/mo

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Main features

Main features Free Advanced
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
Organizations Unlimited Unlimited
Email Finder Use our Email Finder to find anybody’s email address online. Combine with conversations and workflows to start cold emailing campaigns straight from your browser. 250 credits/month/user
Smart segments Segment your prospects using smart filters that will be automatically updated every time a new prospect meets the segment criteria.
Custom fields
Reports & insights

Deals & pipelines Learn more

Deals & pipelines. Learn more Free Advanced
Deals Unlimited Unlimited
Pipelines Max. 1 Unlimited
Deal rotting
Probability & forecasting
Imports & exports


Productivity Free Advanced
Workflows Unlimited Unlimited
Reminders & notifications
Notes & mentions
Files & attachments

Conversations & outbound. Learn more

Conversations & outbound. Learn more Free Advanced
Overloop email address Get a free Overloop email address you can use to forward emails in your CRM and reply to your contacts.
Full email syncing Use your own email account to send emails to your contact and get replies directly in your CRM. Works with GSuite & Gmail, Office 365 & Exchange, IMAP & SMTP.
Web forms
Conversations API
Manual emails
Emails automation Use your own email account to send automatic emails to your contacts using workflows. This is useful for outbound, cold emailing, automatic replies, and automatic follow-ups.
Templates & variables Share email templates with your team and use variables to automatically inject your prospect’s information in your emails (first name, salutation, company name, etc.)
Open, click & reply tracking
Bounces management
Out-of-office management
Pages visits tracking
Exclusion list Add emails or domains to the exclusion list to ensure nobody in your company can create or contact a prospect with this email address or this domain.
Unsubscribe links
Email attachments
Attachments open tracking


More Free Advanced
Mobile apps
Knowledge base
Customer support
Chat & email

Chat & email

Professional services. Learn more

Professional services. Learn more Free Advanced
Workflow reviews Request a professional review of your workflows in 1 click!
Email deliverability checkup Ensure the best email deliverability and protect your domain reputation with our professional Email Deliverability Checkup.
Technical setup A complete technical onboarding with a dedicated support engineer to set up your account (email accounts, deliverability, etc.)
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Is your free CRM really free?

Yes! This is not a free trial. Our CRM is 100% free — simple as that. You can add unlimited users, manage an unlimited number of contacts, deals, and workflows. It’s a real professional CRM you can use with your team to track all your sales activities and close more deals.

Can I connect my email account (Google, Outlook, …) on the Free plan?

Yes! Our Full Email Syncing is available on the free plan. Simply remember that you’ll only be able to send emails manually. If you want to automate outbound emails, follow-ups, or replies you’ll need to subscribe to the Advanced plan.

How many users can I invite on the Free plan?

You can invite an unlimited number of users on the free plan.

Do you offer a free trial of the Advanced plan?

No. But if you are not happy in the first 15 days after switching from the Free to the Advanced plan, please contact our support and we can arrange a refund of your subscription (partially or totally, based on your usage).

What do you mean by “Branded web forms”

Our web forms are available for free on the Free plan. However, on this plan, your forms will include the Overloop logo at the bottom. Also, your contacts will be redirected to an Overloop branded page after submitting the form. You can remove this branding by upgrading to our Advanced plan.

What do you mean by “Branded email attachments”?

On the Free plan, every time a contact downloads an email attachment they will be redirected to a page containing the Overloop logo at the bottom. You can remove this branding by upgrading to our Advanced plan.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can purchase a monthly or annual Advanced subscription with any major credit card. All payments are securely processed by our partner, Stripe.

Email Finder

When do you charge a credit?

Credits are used by the Email Finder and the Email Verifier:

You’ll spend 1 credit every time you:

  • Discover 1 email address using our Email Finder
  • Verify 1 email address using our Email Verifier
How many credits do I need? What is the average use for these credits?

It depends on your sales rep’s activity, but an average of 250 credits per user per month is a good starting point. This is what is included in our Advanced plan. If you need more credits, you can get an additional subscription for credits on top of your main subscription.

If I don’t use all my email finder credits in a month, do they roll over to the next month?

No. Credits are renewed at the end of the billing period and unused credits from the previous period are lost.

I need more credits per month, what can I do?

The Advanced plan includes 250 credits per user per month. If you need more credits, you can get an additional subscription for credits on top of your main subscription. The highest credits subscription is 100,000 credits per month. If you need more or if you are looking for a volume discount, please chat with us.

Conversations & Outbound

How many emails can I send? Is there a daily limit?

Overloop won’t limit the total number of emails you can send from your account. However, remember that Google only allows you to send 2,000 emails per day from a GSuite account (or 500 emails per day from a standard Gmail account).

To avoid getting your email account locked, we implemented a 1,500 emails per day per email account limit. If you try to send more than that, delivery will be delayed.

Do you allow purchased email lists? (non opt-in emails)

Yes for outbound emails. As all emails are sent from your own email account (Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, etc.) we allow it.

However, we don’t recommend it. Purchased lists won’t benefit your business. Those lists are full of unqualified addresses that won’t get you any results.

Purchased lists generally contain poorly verified email addresses, resulting in a higher bounce rate and weaker deliverability. It’s always worth taking the extra time to identify quality leads.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

You can visit our knowledge base or chat with us for more information.

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