No-brainer pricing

At Overloop we like simple things. This is why we only have one plan that includes all features. Simple.

Join the 1,000+ companies already using Overloop everyday.

$ 99 /user/month

  • Access all features
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Cold email campaigns
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • 250 Email Finder credits/user/month
  • LinkedIn extension & automation
  • Deals & pipelines
  • Unlimited contacts
  • API & CRM integrations
  • Professional services & support

Custom pricing

User discount

You are looking to start an account with 5+ users.

Partner Program

You are an agency and want to use Overloop for your clients.

Email Finder credits

Credits are used to automatically search email addresses using our Email Finder.

Our No-Brainer plan includes 250 credits / user / month. If you need more you can purchase additional credit packs.

250 credits
$ 39 /mo
500 credits
$ 59 /mo
1,000 credits
$ 99 /mo
5,000 credits
$ 299 /mo
10,000 credits
$ 499 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We offer a 14-day free trial.

Will there be an automatic charge after the free trial?

Yes. If your trial isn’t canceled within 14 days, we’ll automatically bill you for a regular monthly subscription. To remind you of this, we show a countdown timer in the Overloop interface. We also send a reminder email a few days before your next renewal date.

What is your refund policy?

You have 48 hours after the first charge following the end of your trial to request a refund. Note that we reserve the right to decline requests if we detect extremely high activity on your account within this time.

Note: Only the first charge following the end of your trial is refundable. Every subsequent charge on your account is not refundable.

How many emails can I send? Is there a daily limit?

Overloop won’t limit the total number of emails you can send from your account. However, remember that Google only allows you to send 2,000 emails per day from a GSuite account (or 500 emails per day from a standard Gmail account).

To avoid getting your email account locked, we implemented a 1,500 emails per day per email account limit. If you try to send more than that, delivery will be delayed.

Do you allow purchased email lists? (non opt-in emails)

Yes. As all emails are sent from your own email account (Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, etc.) we allow it.

However, we don’t recommend it. Purchased lists won’t benefit your business. Those lists are full of unqualified addresses that won’t get you any results.

Purchased lists generally contain poorly verified email addresses, resulting in a higher bounce rate and weaker deliverability. It’s always worth taking the extra time to identify quality leads.

When do you charge a credit?

Credits are used by the Email Finder.

You’ll spend 1 credit every time you discover 1 email address using our Email Finder

How many credits do I need? What is the average use for these credits?

It depends on your sales rep’s activity, but an average of 250 credits per user per month is a good starting point. This is what is included in our No-Brainer plan. If you need more credits, you can get an additional subscription for credits on top of your main subscription.

If I don’t use all my email finder credits in a month, do they roll over to the next month?

No. Credits are renewed at the end of the billing period and unused credits from the previous period are lost.

I need more credits per month, what can I do?

If you need more credits, you can get an additional subscription for credits on top of your main subscription. The highest credits subscription is 10,000 credits per month. If you need more or if you are looking for a volume discount, please chat with us.