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Organization & deal-based workflows

Carina Gotovcenco author on Overloop CRM blog
Carina Gotovcenco May 6, 20212 min read

Build new powerful workflows that take actions on your organizations and deals.

Following the renaming of the feature to Workflows (previously automations), we released the additional options to make your job easier than ever before. Now you can create new workflows not only for your prospects but also for organizations and deals. This means, that Overloop lets you automate an even bigger part of your sales routine.

Depending on the selected workflow type (prospect-based, organization-based, deal-based), you can choose from different enrollment triggers and actions in the flow.

Organization-based workflows

Enroll your organizations into workflows manually or automatically and take actions on them – create tasks or deals linked to organizations, send internal notifications when prospects are added into an organization, etc.

Deal-based workflows

Enroll your deals into workflows manually or automatically to create tasks linked to those deals, move them to new stages, automatically close the deals and send internal notifications, etc.

Find more information about the workflows in our Help Center.

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