Follow our video guides to help you getting started with Overloop.

#1 • The Overloop Chrome Extension


The Overloop Extension helps you create prospects from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and any other company website with a few clicks.

#2 • Connecting outbound channels


Connect your email and LinkedIn accounts to Overloop and start building your multichannel campaigns.

#3 • Configuring your company account timezone


Configure your account time zone to align your reports consistently and help you sync your LinkedIn account.

#4 • Configuring your email account


Configure your email account to maximize deliverability. We'll cover 4 important parts: sending limits, throttling, sharing, and your signature.

#5 • Use custom fields to store extra information


Custom fields give you the power to store extra information about your prospects and to use this to increase personalization.

#6 • Save time using message templates


Create template messages to be used by everyone on your team.

#7 • Invite your team


Invite your entire sales team to start collaborating in Overloop.

#8 • Overloop & Calendly


Add meeting invitations to your emails and manage contact interactions through the Overloop and Calendly integration.

#9 • Add personalization to your emails using variables


Increase your results by making your emails more personal with template variables.

#10 • Configure your tracking domain (CNAME configuration)


Probably one of the most important setups in your Overloop account before starting to send your campaigns. Configuring a tracking domain will ensure good deliverability and avoid any issues with your email provider.

#11 • Overloop & Slack


Keep your sales team always on track, get real-time notifications from Overloop in your Slack account.

#12 • Handling out-of-office messages


Learn how to manage out-of-office messages in Overloop.

#13 • Organizing and managing your prospects using lists and segments


Organize your prospects into ready-to-go lists and enroll them in bulk into your multichannel campaigns. In this video, you will learn how to create lists and segments on Overloop.

#14 • Adding prospects to Overloop


In this video, you'll learn how to build a prospects database on Overloop. You can add prospects manually, import them, or use the Overloop Chrome Extension.

#15 • Overloop & CRM Integrations


Say goodbye to copy-paste between apps! Integrate Overloop with your CRM and focus on your job.