#4 Configuring your email account

Configure your email account to maximize deliverability. We'll cover 4 important parts: sending limits, throttling, sharing, and your signature.

At Overloop we understand the importance of maintaining a positive email reputation and we know how sending volume and email permissions can significantly impact the health of your sending address.

With that in mind let’s configure 4 different email account settings that can boost your outbound activities.

Begin by navigating to the settings page and clicking on the email account option.

On this page you will find a list of all your connected email accounts. Click on the account you want to configure, and let’s start!

The first setting we will cover is your sending limit. Overloop allows each sender address to
send up to 1.500 emails per day. You can select from our range of predefined options making sure you pick one that best suits your company needs.

Next up is the throttling time setting. This feature enables you to choose the intervals at with your email message will be sent to your contacts. Choose among six different interval times and manage the pace of your outgoing emails.

If you are working in teams you have the options to enable teammates to send emails on your behalf. This collaborative feature ensures that your sending address is accessible and usable by all team members.

To finish let’s configure your email signature. Click on the signature tab, and add your desired signature. Once saved we will automatically add it to the bottom of every menu you send via Overloop.