#5 Use custom fields to store extra information

Custom fields give you the power to store extra information about your prospects and to use this to increase personalization.

When doing outbound, adding a personal touch can make you really stand out.

This personalization can come from using a specific info about your prospects, like: their names, companies, or even starting your message with a friendly icebreaker.

Custom Fields give you the power to store and sort extra information about your contacts organizations and deals. You can later use this info to filter, group and even add them as variables in your campaigns. So let’s create your first custom field on Overloop.

Start by navigating to the settings page and look for the custom fields button. Once you are
there you get to decide whether you want a custom field for prospects, organizations or deals. Click on the “add custom field” button and you can now give the name and pick the type of info it’s going to hold. If you want you can also write some helper text to guide everyone in your team.

Don’t forget to save your changes. And there you have it! Your custom field is now good to go and ready to add that personal flair to your outreach game.