#8 Overloop & Calendly

Add meeting invitations to your emails and manage contact interactions through the Overloop and Calendly integration.

Overloop takes the stress out of scheduling meetings.

In this video you will learn how to integrate your Calendly account with Overloop, add meetings invitations to your email campaigns, and easily manage contacts based on their engagement.

First, navigate to the Integrations page, find the Calendly option and click on the installation button. You will be guided to log in your Calendly account and that’s it! Your Calendly events are now accessible on Overloop.

Adding Calendly links into your message is easy. While you’re in the email editor, click on the calendar icon then select the desired event. And there you have it, the link will be instantly inserted into your emails.

And if you need to list the contacts that booked a meeting with you, or act on them based on their engagement the calendar events also work as filter on Overloop.

Here’s what you can do; automatically enroll prospects in campaigns when they scheduled or cancel meetings with you.

Or you can automatically remove contacts from campaigns when they do any of these actions.

And to finish, the filtering events help you identify list of qualified prospects based on their meetings interactions.