#9 Add personalization to your emails using variables

Increase your results by making your emails more personal with template variables.

Dynamic variables is the way to go to make your emails feel more personal.

In Overloop each field in a contact’s profile is a unique variable. So, every time you add one of these variables tag into your emails it gets replaced with the actual content from that contacts profile. That’s cool right?

And this means that you can kick off your emails with your prospect first names, and even tailor your contact message to their industry.

And this level of personalization remains achievable even when sending messages at scale.

Now let’s talk about how to use them. Open up the email editor and look for the hashtag icon. It’s your gateway to the variables, click on it and pick the data you want to use.

Occasionally you might find situations where certain prospects fields are empty and I’m sure you don’t want that weird gaps in your emails. Well, Overloop got your back! You can set default values that swap in whenever a field is empty. In the screen now you can see an example.