#12 Handling out-of-office messages

Learn how to manage out-of-office messages in Overloop.

Overloop provides three different options for effectively managing automatic out of office replies.

You can choose between treating the automatic reply just like any regular message.

This can potentially trigger this enrollment process within campaigns and add the out of office methods into your reply rate report.

Alternatively, you can opt to classify the out-of-office reply as a soft bounce or you can choose to ignore the message in this situation. The automated response won’t be considered a valid method won’t initiate any automated process and won’t be included in your reply rate reports

Now let’s proceed with configuring your out of office message. Navigate
to the settings page and click on the “bounce and out of office” button.

Then select the out of office management approach that best aligns with your company’s outbound strategy. Once you’ve made your choice remember to save your changes and you are all set.