#14 Adding prospects to Overloop

In this video, you'll learn how to build a prospects database on Overloop. You can add prospects manually, import them, or use the Overloop Chrome Extension.

Adding contacts in your Overloop account is straightforward and can be done in three different ways.

Let’s start by creating contacts manually. Go to the contacts page, locate the “new contact” button and click on it. A new window will open where you can input all the contact information, add them to list or link them to your organizations.

After entering the details make sure to save the contact.

The second way to add contacts to Overloop is to use our extension. You can create contacts directly from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and company websites.

For example if you are doing a LinkedIn search and building a list of potential contacts all you need to do is click on the carrot button on LinkedIn. Our system will load all the contacts showing on the search result page and you can save them in bulk on Overloop.

And over here you have other useful features: you can search for contacts email addresses, add them to list or enroll them in campaigns directly from the extension.

The Third Way for adding contact is by importing. If you have a contact list in a spreadsheet you can easily add them in bulk by uploading the list and mapping your file fields to Overloop’s fields. Simply click the import button and you are all set.