#15 Overloop & CRM Integrations

Say goodbye to copy-paste between apps! Integrate Overloop with your CRM and focus on your job.

Overloop has integration with the most commonly used CRM. This feature allows you to keep the data in Overloop and in your third party tool always up to date.

On the Overloop Marketplace page you can choose the integration you want to add, click on the install button and follow the on screen instructions.

You’ll be prompted to log in to your CRM and connect it to Overloop. Once that is done we can start the configuration.

You have two options to integrate your data: the one way and the two-way sync integration.

The one-way sync helps you push contacts from Overloop as new records in your CRM.

You will need the assistance of a workflow to automate these actions.

On the other hand with the two-way sync option you can automatically push and update data between Overloop and your CRM and vice versa.

Our system perform a platform check every 10 minutes, if there are any changes in one app we’ll update the information in the order app.

Now let’s dive into the integration setup. The first setting is user mappinp. You will need to map contacts owners in Overloop with users in your CRM.

This is crucial to ensure consistence between both platforms and avoid mismatches in your team’s book of business.

And over here you have another useful feature, you can add a BCC address to your integration and copy all emails sent via Overloop to your CRM.

Now let’s move on to the second configuration: field mapping. It defines how your data matches between Overloop and your CRM.

Some Fields such as the contacts email first name and last name are set to the corresponding field in the integrated app by default. However, all the other fields can be matched to the relevant field of your choice.

For the synchronization to work perfectly ensure that the fields in both platforms are the same type record and name.

And there you have it! Your CRM integration is now ready and you can say goodbye to copy-pasting between apps.