#10 Configure your tracking domain (CNAME configuration)

Probably one of the most important setups in your Overloop account before starting to send your campaigns. Configuring a tracking domain will ensure good deliverability and avoid any issues with your email provider.

In this video we will guide you through the process of configuring the CNAME records to enable efficient email sending with Overloop.

By setting up the CNAME you will tell Overloop to use your own domain for click and open tracking. This not only to enhance your mail deliverability but also raises your sending limit, optimizing your email campaigns.

So before we dive into the setup process make sure you’ve connected your domains to Overloop

So let’s start! First you will need to create the CNAME record in your DNS host. The steps for configuring the CNAME record can vary depending on the service you are using.

On the screen we provided an illustrative example of how your CNAME record should be structured.

After successfully creating the CNAME record proceed to validate it in Overloop. Here’s how: navigate to the settings page and click on the deliverability button. Look for the domain that displays the status “not configured” and click on the “configure” button corresponding to that domain. Now enter your chosen subdomain and click on next followed by the verify button.

Congratulations! Your domain is now successfully verified in Overloop and it’s all set to play a crucial role in enhancing your outbound activities.